Experiences and gifts under $105

​In this budget range, a small investment can go a loooong way! Dancers can begin their dance education with a month of classes at the studio or rec center location, take a 4-week summer class, add a third weekly class for an entire semester, or enjoy one of our 4 multi- gift bundles!

1. Add a third weekly class for just $24.00 a month- give your dancer the gift of a well-rounded dance education!

2. Exploring Dance class at Little Elm Rec Center for just $54.00 a month. Perfect for families needing a lower-committment program!

3. Summer Dance Classes $89.00 - schedule coming soon! Email registration@3-Ddance.com

4, 5, and 5. Gift bundles designed to save you money!

Experiences and gifts under $200

These experiences offer special memories that your dancer will cherish for years to come. From participation in the Daddy Daughter Recital Number, Royals Showgroup performance experience, enrolling in our Creative Arts Preschool Program, or adding an additional dance or tumbling class for an entire semester, these are the intangible gifts that keep on giving!

1. Royal Show Group Performance $200- includes costume, rehearsals, and a performance with the Braswell Royals!

​2. Creative Arts Preschool registration $100-$220- get your preschool enrolled in the most unique preschool learning experience!

​3. Drill Team Technique $210- a 9-week session for teens who dream of making the high school drill team!

4. Start dance or tumbling lessons for the first time $134- covers enrollment and first month's classes!

5. Daddy Daughter Recital Number $200- includes costume, rehearsals, and the most precious performance in recital that will give you all the feels!

Experiences and gifts under $45

​So much can be learned from experiencing new things! One day camps and a second weekly class are fantastic ways to provide your child with the gift of a new learning experience (and lots of fun!) All of our attire and dance wear items fall into this budget range too!

1. Dreamcatcher T-shirt $25.00- such a fun way to celebrate our Ten Years: A Million Dreams theme!

2. One Day Dance Camps $45.00- over 30 dates to choose from ranging from January through October 2019!

3. Custom Yard Sign $25.00- Ever been Yard of the Month? You will be now!

4. Beach Towel $20.00- Large and plush this towel is perfect for wrapping up in at the pool this summer!

5. Add a second weekly class $36.00 a month- been hoping to try tumbling or another dance form? Now is your chance!

6. All clothing items under $45.00-from tanks, to tees to long sleeves. Show your 3-D Dance price in style!

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents and Grandparents

Happy December!  The Christmas season is officially upon us, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year!  We believe that the gift of a magical experience is a wonderful thing to share! But for those of you who just love wrapping items and seeing the joy on your child's face when he or she opens it, we've got you covered too! Below are gift ideas for any budget that might help find the perfect gift for your dancer! Click any photo to find out more or to make a purchase.

Stocking Stuffers and gifts under $15 each!

These fun low-budget items fit in a stocking and are practical for every day use! Teaching your little one that it's better to give than to receive? They also make great friend gifts that kids that kids can buy for each other!

1. Button Pin $1.50- great for jackets, dance bags and backpacks!

2. Pop Socket $5.00- a hit with the tweens!

3. Teddy Bear $15.00- sweet and cuddly with a 3-D Dance shirt on!

4. Water bottle $12.00- High quality and dishwasher safe. The bottle is useable each week in dance class!

5. Car Decal $15.00- customized to show support for your dancer!

6. Drawstring Dance Bag $13.00- perfect for holding shoes, water bottles and cover ups. ​​

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