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​​​​​Class Attire: CAPP Students wear a designated uniform. Click HERE  to view class attire for CAPP girls and boys. Class uniform attire, tights, and dance shoes can be purchased here.

All standard 3-D Dance policies apply to the CAPP program. Click
here to view 3-D Dance policies. Additionally the following guidelines apply to the CAPP program:

Meals: Students bring their lunch. We are a peanut/tree nut free classroom this school year. This website is a great resource for allergy safe foods and snacks if you are needing some ideas: https://snacksafely.com/safe-snack-guide/

Students needs to bring a spill-resistant water bottle each day. We only allow water in the dance studio, no juice, milk, soda, etc.

Change of clothing: Students should have a clean change of clothing in their backpack at all times, in case of emergency. Clothes must be easy to dance in. Dance clothing, leggings or sweatpants and a t-shirt or tank top are recommended. Students should also have a change of clean underwear in their backpack.

Parent Involvement: Daily communication is key. Please let us know if there is anything going on in your child’s week that would be helpful for us to know. Additionally, we will always do our best to give you a daily overview.

Students will receive a daily basket. Bring in your basket each day:

Water bottle
Extra Clothes
Ballet Shoes
Tap Shoes
Wear street shoes to and from the studio


CAPP Security Policies

*We need to have on file a photocopy of the driver's license of any adult authorized to pick a child up. We will not allow a child to be picked up by a person unless we have a copy of the driver's license on file. Please provide the photocopies of any adults you want to authorize to pick up your child for our records.

*All 3-D Dance staff has been background checked, and will continue to be background checked on an annual basis. 

*All 3-D Dance staff is CPR certified.

*We have 3 restrooms. Only one child is allowed in a restroom at a time. We encourage the children to use the potty as independently as possible, and we have chosen attire that will allow for a child to easily get themselves dressed and undressed. Some children will require more assistance than others and the teachers are available to help as necessary. If you are concerned about "accidents" it is okay to send your child in a pull-up as they transition further into potty training. We will not change soiled pull ups or diapers. 

*For the physical and emotional safety of our dancers, their families, our staff and their families, all 3-D Dance staff and enrolled families are held to a high ethical and moral standard regarding Internet profiles. Posts that are abusive in nature, harassment, inappropriate posts, comments or photographs, any post threatening or damaging to to another person, or illegal, are immediate grounds for dismissal from our programs. 

*Communication is key! Always keep us informed of anything we need to know about that would help us keep your child and our studio safe. 

Creative Arts Preschool Program

Policies and Tuition 2019-2020