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I don't know how to apply stage makeup to my child!"
Fear not! We hear this all the time and we have found a very helpful video tutorial produced by the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet that uses stage makeup application techniques consistent with what we recommend at 3-D Dance.

*Most female dancers should follow the technique used by the first model, however false eyelashes are not required, and mascara is preferred. 

*Very young dancers should use the more simple technique used by the younger model starting at 10:20

*Makeup is not required for boys, however an appropriate stage look is demonstrated at 8:33 in the video.


Suggested Makeup Pallets: (Required for company dancers)

Choose the foundation and mascara that match your natural skin tones.
Blush Palette: e.l.f. brand, blush Palette 83314
Eyeshadow Palette: e.l.f brand, Golden Goddess palette 21622
Lipstick: e.l.f. brand, Rich Red matte lip color 82466