26772 Highway 380 East, Little Elm, Texas 


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about the 3-D Dance. Suzy is the director/owner/teacher/all around amazing woman that keeps this studio running full force. She has created a FAMILY not just teams that are award winning (although they are all award winning). From day one we felt like we'd been there for years, the staff and teachers are just as amazing, The minute Sam met Suzy she was in love, we left after Sam met her and had a tour of the studio and she couldn't get me to get her signed up fast enough. Suzy has assembled people who are passionate about dance and passionate about teaching young dancers. Seriously if your daughters or sons want to dance, this is the place to go! - Kim, 3-D Dance parent since 2016

The TOP TEN benefits that parents have noticed in their child, as a result of participation in our programs at 3-D Dance, are:

  1. Child has increased self confidence
  2. Child has improved physical stamina, flexibility and strength
  3. Child has increased social development
  4. Child has increased character development
  5. Child has increased self-motivation
  6. Child has increased emotional development
  7. Child has increased collaboration skills when working with others.
  8. Child has increased respect for other people's differences.
  9. Child has increased critical thinking skills
  10. Child has increased intellectual development

"My girls have been going to 3-D Dance for over 5 years and we love the studio. 3-D dance offers classes for every child's interests and talents. The instructors have always been helpful in molding my girls' interests and communicated very well with where my child should be according to their skill levels. The studio has become our second home, and the staff our second family. As a parent, I also appreciate that the lessons are very affordable." - Jayme Blume, 3-D Dance parent since 2011